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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Just a peek of the diamond jewelry we have. Diamonds are a perfect gift for any occasion!


Jewelry To Give To Your Loved Ones



Many people want their diamond to have no fluorescence. Why? It is said that fluorescence can cause a milky or hazy appearance in the diamond. But did you know that is only a very small percentage that has this effect. Fluorescence can actually have a positive effect in most diamonds by making them look whiter. In Bill Boyajian of GIA's article "The Impact of Fluorescence" he says, "The study results in supporting the age-old belief that strong or even very strong blue fluorescence can improve appearance rather than detract from it, especially in diamonds with faint yellow body color."


New Jewelry

New fashion jewelry in silver, gold and white gold. Just a few pieces pictured below.


New Bracelets!!!

New jewelry just arrived! Here are a few bracelets that came in.


More Custom Jewelry


A Diamond Certificate Is Just A Description!

"It is important for customers to know that the purpose of a diamond certificate is to identify an describe the gem...That's all! Many customers feel a certification is a guarantee or warranty.

  • The disclosure on GIA and EGL certificates States:
"This certificate is NOT an appraisal, guarantee or warranty"
  • The color and clarity are the OPINION of the lab at the time. Color and clarity results can differ based on when or who grades the diamond. This is why the same diamond can go to the same lab and receive different grades!
  • EGL even states on the bottom of each cert that:
    "Diamond grading is NOT an exact science and this report represents only the best professional OPINION of this company"
If it is just the opinion of one gemologist, why should it be important?

The reason I say diamond certs are not important is because we have all seen a beautiful diamond were the certs did not reflect how beautiful the diamond was! Also, we have all seen a nice looking certificate where the diamond was not pretty. Dimensions alone will not tell you if a diamond is bright or pretty. A diamond is more than a piece of paper." Olympian Diamonds


Thank You!!!

We have the best customers!


Custom Made Jewelry From The Past

Tired of a of your old jewelry or want something you have seen in a magazine? We can remake or build you a custom piece you will be happy with.


August Birthstone

Peridot, is called “Pele’s tears” by the Hawaiians. It is the gemstone for August. This beautiful gem ranges in color from a transparent brownish or yellowish green to greenish yellow. Peridot, sometimes called olivine, is most commonly seen in bright lime greens to subtle olive greens. An important source of peridot is the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona. Other sources are Myanmar and Pakistan. It measures 6.5 -7 on the Mohs scale and has fair to good toughness. Peridot is brought up by the volcano from deep inside the earth. The green sand on the beach at Papakolea on the Big Island is peridot.


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